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The one stop shop for all your recreational marijuana related needs. Located in the heart of Washington, DC serving all the tristate and other state customers delivering within the district. Our mission is to create a professional dispensary experience from the comfort of your home. We have high quality flowers with several strains and flavors ready to be delivered to your door.

Quality matters, Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

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It’s not just “hip” to care about your bodies, guys. It’s literally the difference between longevity and disease. It’s time to put health first in all aspects of life. Yes, this includes your marijuana.


Like almost everything else, the precious trichomes on your marijuana buds aren't going to last forever. Over time, changes to the molecular structure occur with exposure to heat, light, and moisture.

100% Organic

Organically-grown cannabis is widely considered superior in flavour and aroma to conventionally-grown cannabis usig chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


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Many Names Given that cannabis unleashes creativity, it should be no surprise that cannabis culture itself can be quite creative. While this creativity can sometimes take the form of new types of smoking materials, it

  Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Cannabis Image source: Unsplash   With the dog days of summer exhausting every one of us, it’s time to turn to a new season that is filled with change and

If you’re growing your own cannabis or planning on growing a batch in the near future, you need to learn everything you can about the cannabis flowering stages. The cannabis flowering stages are where all

Drying and curing take the taste, smell, and overall smoke experience to another level. Curing, in particular, helps to remove harsh molecules and improve the flavour and smoothness of the smoke. However, some growers simply

With cannabis becoming increasingly accepted all over the world, smokers don’t have to worry as much about appearing stoned. As the taboo fades, the general public is a lot less fazed at red eyes and

Grinders are a key piece of cannabis smoking equipment. They process buds down to a fine powder, making for a smooth and consistent smoke. Don’t have a grinder in your kit? You can still process

Yoga has been an age-old therapy for boosting the feel-good vibes, but do you know cannabis can do the same to some extent? Yes, you have heard it right! Cannabis and yoga together can work

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From brownies to medicated muscle creams, you can find cannabis concentrates in hundreds of products

you guys deserve to have the first physical dispensary in DC . So professional from start to finish. Thanks Sam for hooking me up with the deal . Always superb customer service and flowers at this place. see you guys next week … cheers!

Happy Customer

Super quick responses! Very nice and professional , not my first time ordering and was content with what I got the first time. As my second time ordering I can say they do not disappoint with the quality and prices. Super stoked to come back and grab more from you guys. Thanks!

Alex Alvarez
Happy Customer

The first time I order I was given the wrong size. But when texted Urban Flavors about my order, someone called me right away and took care of my problem and threw in some free bud for the trouble. The quality of the weed is great! The prices are the reasonable, and the staff is friendly and professional. Returning customer.

Happy Customer