The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana known as AK-47 usually referred to simply as “AK,” is a product of crossing Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani cultivars. The AK-47 will really have a calming effect on you. The ultimate product is a heady concoction of many tastes and sensations. There is a possibility that AK-47 may provide a consistent and long-lasting buzz in the head that will keep you intellectually attentive and interested in creative or social activities. The taste is the only way to truly appreciate the flowery and fruity undertones, despite the fact that the aroma is sour and earthy.

AK-47 plants

The AK-47 strain produces plants that grow rather tall and broad, with big calyxes. The buds have a hue that is somewhere between dark yellow and green. And are covered with trichrome crystals and tiny red hairs. It is possible to cultivate AK-47 outdoors in areas with a moderate temperature. But the majority of people choose to grow it inside using either soil or hydroponics. Temperatures should ideally be at or below seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

If the plants develop at a temperature of seventy-five degrees, they will produce the same amount of flowers. But those flowers will be open and fluffy. The duration of flowering for this strain is between eight and nine weeks. Midway through the month of October is the ideal time to harvest plants. It is possible for AK-47 plants to produce between 350 and 500 grams of cannabis per square meter when grown in ideal circumstances.

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