Durban Poison is a virtuously South African sativa landrace strain. And its frightening name gives some indication of the potent psychoactivity that it has. It is a robust and sticky type that responds well to a wide range of environmental factors throughout the growth process. The THC concentration of Durban Poison is between 15 and 25 percent on average.

Advantages of Using Durban Poison

The effects of Durban Poison’s high are immediate and distinctly cerebral in nature. It’s possible that the amplification of sights and noises may first be unsettling, but in the appropriate environment, it can turn into a buzzy, energetic head high. This strain may be very useful for artistic efforts since it is almost purely cerebral and shows no signs of incapacitating heaviness or couchlock. It is an excellent method to study the details of an intense movie or piece of music. Durban Poison has a reputation for being a powerful social lubricant, making users feel more conversational and at ease in their surroundings.

This particular strain instill a feeling of awareness. That is beneficial to patients who are continually distracted by mental health conditions. Like as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Any potential health advantages are more mental than physical. Consumers also report that it may assist persons with attention deficit disorders. It is in maintaining a deep and strong level of concentration. Which is something else that they find beneficial.

Due to its high potency and cerebral effects, Durban Poison comes with a number of unwanted side effects. It is possible that it will throw customers into overdrive, making them feel anxious or tense. As a result, smokers may experience feelings of paranoia. Or loss of control and develop what is popular as a mindrace. Which is a kind of rapid association thinking. Durban Poison is the epitome of what is known as a “wake and bakes” strain since its effects are best experienced during the daytime rather than the more relaxing evening hours. The high from it often lasts for between two and three hours.

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