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Urban Flavors delivers cannabis to adults in Washington D.C. who are 21 and over. We typically deliver cannabis within 60-90min, so please check out our delivery page for more information. Urban is committed to the safe, discreet, and affordable delivery of cannabis in D.C.

No, we do not deliver cannabis out of state under any circumstances. We only deliver cannabis and THC products inside of D.C. If you live outside of D.C. We can recommend a meet up location in Washington D.C 

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible if there is a problem with your cannabis delivery. Please contact us at or (202) 948-6152 if the delivery has not arrived within the expected window of time. We can track cannabis deliveries, help fix possible problems or errors in the delivery, or help address issues with the received cannabis products.

We cannot give you medical advice, and we do not have any certified medical professionals on staff. It is important to seek professional advice from a physician on how to treat your medical condition, with or without cannabis. None of the information presented by Urban flavors is meant as an alternative or substitute to professional medical advice.

We love feedback from our customers! If you have any suggestions we will definitely make a genuine effort to research and possibly carry whatever cannabis products that interest you.

Comments, reviews, and opinions are always highly encouraged and warmly welcome here at Urban flavors. Delivers! We love the feedback, as it not only helps us improve, but helps our community make decisions and learn about products as well. However, to foster a safe, positive, and beneficial atmosphere, there are some instances where comments and reviews will be removed:

  • – Comments deemed to be spam or solely promotional in nature will be deleted. Comments should be relevant to the product or blog post.
  • – Comments including profanity will be deleted.
  • – Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive will be deleted. Note this may include abusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, misleading or libelous language.
  • – Comments that harass others or attack an individual directly will be deleted. Please be respectful toward the community.
  • – We only accept reviews and comments from members of Urban Delivers.

The person paying for the cannabis delivery must be the person recieving the cannabis delivery.

All the cannabis products we offer on urban follow washingtons stringent cannabis testing requirements that outlaw any trace of a substantial number of chemicals, solvents, and pesticides; and we try to ensure that all the cannabis we carry is produced in clean grow and processing environments to prevent exposure to any potential or actual dangerous chemicals and mold. We continually verify the safety and quality of the cannabis products we deliver.

Many of our cannnabis growers use organic pest and fungus control methods, as well as environmentally friendly growing practices, but there is no federally approved specifications for organic cannabis cultivation. Check out our menu of Clean Green Certified cannabis, which follows industry-specific standards that are equivalent to those of the USDA.

We do have a customer rewards program! You earn points whenever you spend $50 or more, which can be redeemed on future orders. You can also earn bonus points for reviewing products. Learn more about the Urban Rewards Program here. 

We’ve designed the Urban site from the ground up with security and privacy in mind, and there are numerous security measures to provide additional privacy concerning your personal information or any marijuana deliveries. Urban flavors was founded to serve medical marijuana patients, so we take your privacy very seriously. All information is sent using the same SSL encryption standards most banks use. We do not buy or sell personal information. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Urban Flavors D.C. includes single-use cold packs in most orders containing edibles when it is hot out, and we do our best to ensure edibles arrive in good condition. Softened edibles will remain just as medicated, even if they are a little more gooey. However, we do not replace melted edibles. Thank you for your understanding!

When D.C. legalized adult-use recreational cannabis, it also instituted new safety standards for cannabis packaging. Much like pharmacueticals, cannabis growers and manufacturers must use child-resistent packaging for all products that contain cannabis, including all bud, prerolls, edibles, extracts, and vape pens. Child-resistent packaging makes it harder for cannabis to be accidentally ingested by kids, which is something we can all celebrate.

The downside is that sometimes it is difficult to open the new packaging, something that is particularly tough for medical marijuana patients who struggle with pain or dexterity in their hands. While we don’t have direct control over safety regulations or manufacturer packaging, we do pass customer feedback along to our partners as they refine their product packaging to be both safe and functional.

We do not accept orders from medical marijuana patients or patient caregivers under 21 through our website. If you are patient caregiver that is over 21 for a patient that is under 21, we will need to speak with you directly and go through a different sign up process. Please give us a call at : (202) 948-6152.

Only the female cannabis plant produces cannabis flowers. We celebrate the beauty, power, and allure of cannabis, and make it accessible to adults that want to experience the fullest extent of life’s pleasures.  

You can read our Terms and Conditions in full here, as well as when you place an order.

You can read our Privacy Policy in full here.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including cannabis (marijuana) smoke, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and cannabis (marijuana) smoke and THC, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.